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To become a member, fill out the form below to apply for membership.

Note. To be taken into account you must be:

  • residing in the province of Siena for at least 5 years;
  • holding the truffle collection permit card.

    I want to receive communications via
    EmailPaper mail

    I declare:
    Be a resident of the province of Siena for at least 5 years.
    (Download, fill out, and attach the Residency Self-Certification Form)

    Do not be a member of other truffle harvester associations in the territory.

    Not to be a member of other associations with purposes that are opposed to those of the Siena Tartufai Association.

    DTo commit to complying with the Statute and The Zone Regulations of the Association. (read the statutoand the Regolamento delle zone - italian only)

    To know and to commit myself to comply with the national and regional regulations dictated in terms of truffle research and collection and in particular to know and to commit to respect the regional calendar dictated for the collection of truffles.

    I declare that I am not a member of other truffle-seeking associations

    I declare that I am the conductor of reserved truffle collection areas or to take advantage of similar areas in the municipality of