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New law on truffles in nero norcia

The Senesi Truffle Association was present at the conference held on Saturday 22 in Norcia during the Exhibition Market of Precious Black Truffle. The premises for the final drafting of the new text law seemed good to us.

Satisfaction also comes from having heard San Giovanni d’Asso from Senator Mollame as one of the most important truffle growth area in Italy along with Alba and Acqualagna. These realities need to be protected and supported, according to the senator.

Senator Taricco, highlighting some passages of the text law, illustrated that agricultural entrepreneurs, direct growers and any form of association with regular rental contract, are not subject to restrictions in making new truffle growth areas planting.

Dr. Pietro Oieni, of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, argued the importance of managing forests and that therefore abandonment is synonymous with the removal of truffles, a thesis that we have always supported.

Finally, we agree wih the intervention of Dr. Enrico Vidale, University of Padova, who specified that in the new law there will be restrictions on the collection for the Truffle hobbyists. Who pays the flat tax of 100.00 euros and, of course, those who have a VAT number, is not considered a hobbyist and will not be subject to the restrictions