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Truffle Rural District by May

truffle hunters Association president Valdambrini “Fundamental role in the promotion of local excellence”

Article published on LA NAZIONE Siena on Tuesday 14 January by Marco Brogi

The Sienese truffle hunters association, 250 members and an important presence in our province, is working at full speed to achieve a great goal: to give life to a rural truffle district.

“In the near future we will be focused mainly on the protection and enhancement of the territory, taking care of and cultivating the truffle natural habitat and promoting local initiatives and events – explains President Paolo Valdambrini -. Crucially, in this respect, the construction of the Truffle District where, in agreement with the mayor of Montalcino-San Giovanni d’Asso, Silvio Franceschelli, the truffle can play a fundamental role in promoting the local excellences, from oil to cereals, to cheese to wine.’

And again: “We collaborate with all the municipalities of the province – adds Valdambrini – In addition to Montalcino, we also have relationships with the municipalities of the Crete: Monteroni, Asciano, Buonconvento, Rapolano Terme and Castelnuovo Berardenga with initiatives such as the Mostra mercato del tartufo bianco andCrete d’Autunno. We also begin to collaborate with similar initiatives with the municipality of San Casciano dei Bagni.”

Photo of President Paolo Valdambrini

You believe a lot in synergy with the various territories.

“They are essential for creating satellite activities around the truffles economy by exploiting the flywheel of food and wine tourism, in order to enrich the tourist economy of the territory and compete better on the tourist world market. The truffle is a source of income and we must ensure that this will be a growth factor for local businesses.”

What is the association doing to protect the truffle zones?

“Historically, our members have worked in a way that protecting and maintaining the truffle environment, gaining an experience that now leads us to improve the production of truffles within areas controlled and cultivated by the association.”

Any examples?

“The elimination of weeds, small land work, remake of moats, thinning and pruning, work which were once carried out by farmers and are now being carried out by the association making sure that those areas don’t go to decay, annihilating truffle production, we will continue to renew reserved collection areas. These interventions are carried out, leveraging our experience, in collaboration with the Consorzio di Bonifica 6 Toascana Sud with which we have signed a special convention.’